Definitely, cyber-bullying is not just a problem but a growing one that needs a lot of attention. Just in the 40 out of 800 students in our school, we can find quite a number of students that has been affected by cyber-bullying, imagine others outside of our school. Many research out there also show its a growing problem. Even Singapore itself is second in the world for the number of people being cyber-bullied. 

How do we tackle this problem? Of course friends and family members should support each other, however schools should also have more events on cyber-bullying. Those that raise awareness to it. We can also organise talks and counselling sessions to those who are affected and they can stand up to tell others about their experience.

By raising awareness, we build resilience amongst everyone and we can also catch those who are cyber-bullying when they attempt to. And we can extend our research to even find out from past cyber-bullies why do they cyber-bully. All this can lead to the decrease of cyber-bullying rate not just in our school, not just in Singapore but also the world.

With the teenagers i surveyed saying that cyber-bullying is a growing problem, and even experts saying how it has impacted some so much that 

“they don't call it cyber bullying at all, they call it digital drama, they call it life.” (Jason Koebler (2011), Cyber Bullying Growing More Malicious, Experts Say, retrieved from:

Experts and the results from our surveys can safely conclude that cyber-bullying is a problem that needs to be solved

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