The findings of the study suggested that there are people in SST that has been or are being cyber-bullied. 

And almost everyone thinks that cyber-bullying is a growing problem. The ascribing factors derived from the interviews would cast light to this.

Theme 1: Bullying in Cyber Space
It is very obvious that the term “Cyber-bullying” comes from the two words “Cyber” and “bullying”. Our respondents also agree that cyber-bullying takes place in the Cyber world, or online. Most thinks that it happens in social media platforms like “Facebook”. 

“is the act of bullying someone online” (S207)

“Using social media or the internet to bully other people.” (S203)

“It is to bully people in cyberspace” (S208)

“It is bullying done over the internet.” (S207)

“Cyberbullying is when someone uses the internet to say something or do something to bully others.” (S203)

With this, we can conclude that everyone has a common understanding that cyber-bullying takes place on social-media platforms and internet. SCOTT ROBERTSON: “Creating fake social media profiles on MySpace or Facebook” 

(The Information Technology (2011) What you really need to know about cyber-bullying in Singapore, Scott Robertson, http://sbr.com.sg/information-technology/commentary/what-you-really-need-know-about-cyber-bullying-in-singapore) 

He also said that people send unwanted emails and harmful emails too in the act of cyber-bullying.

Theme 2: The growing Problem of Cyber-bullying

Many if not most people thinks that cyber-bullying is a growing problems that needs attention. They think that cyber-bullying is a serious problem and may get easier at the rate where technological advancements is going.

“Everything now is mostly using technology and in this generation phones and computers are all very common so cyberbullying is bound to be a growing problem in the world.” (S205)

“It's becoming easier” (S308)

“More and more people are bullying, especially virtually, because they think they can't be tracked down.” (S104)

“With the advancement of technology, more and more people are going online every day and thus there are more and more cyber bullies that try to intimidate others by being mean to them and threatening them.” (S103)

With these, we can safely conclude that almost everyone agree it is a growing problem. “With the growing concerns over harassment online and offline, Singapore is drafting new laws to curb this problem, Law Minister K. Shanmugam announced last month.”

(The Straits Times (2013), Tackle cyber-bullying in Singapore before it gets worse, Theresa Tan, http://yourhealth.asiaone.com/content/tackle-cyber-bullying-singapore-it-gets-worse)

They also talked about how Singapore itself is second in the world for the rate of online bullying in teenagers.

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