We are a group of students from the School of Science and Technology Singapore, class S2-03.

1. Our statement of problem (framing our research topic): Cyberbullying in Singapore. 58% of students aged 8-17 being cyberbullied (Compared to a 25 country average of 37%)

2.Here are our research objectives : This research aims to find out :
a) Why do people get cyber bullied?
b) What are the causes of cyber bullying?
c) Who are the people who get cyber bullied?
d)What are the effects of cyber bullying?
e)Why do people cyber bully others?
f) Where does cyber bullying take place?

g) What can we do to prevent cyber bullying?

3. Feasibility:
1. Cyberbullying is a growing problem in the world.
2. We also can look for many students who are being cyber-bullied.
3. We also have counsellors to seek help from.

4. Manageability:
1. We can manage it within our school as we are a technology based school.
2. We have school counsellors to seek help for.

Desmond Kwa

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