Literature Review

3. Literature Review (Brief summary of at least 3 sources that you have consulted with reference to your research topic)

Who are the people who get cyber bullied?

  • Homophobic bullying is sometimes distinguished because it has a particular target population.
  • Bullying of students with disabilities is another type of bullying with a focused target population.
  • Racist bullying is a third type of focused bullying that targets people of a specific race or cultural.
  • Religious bullying targets people who have specific religious beliefs.

What are the effects of cyber bullying?
- Girl, 16, falls to death in cyber-bully tragedy, according to  (The New Paper (2011) Girl, 16, falls to death in cyber-bully tragedy,

Where does cyber bullying take place?

- Hurtful Internet polling (Who’s hot, who’s not?)
- Creating fake social media profiles on MySpace or Facebook
- Sending unwanted and insulting email and instant

4. Proposed Hypotheses
Advancement in social media platforms and technology allows more cyber-bullying cases. People hide behind the screen and anonymously give others nasty comments without revealing their identity.

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