1. Research Plan (Describe how you intend to design your research i.e. who/what you are going to research on, how many respondents, your study area/location etc)

We intend to do a survey and an interview. We will conduct a survey to at least 25 youths in our community identified to have been or are being cyber-bullied by our school counsellor. We intend to conduct a survey on their daily life in the cyber world and how were they cyber bullied. For the purpose of having to see if there is a significant trend in the youths that are being cyber-bullied.

We also intend to interview our school counsellor and (if possible) a cyberbullying specialist.

2. Methodology (Describe what methods you are using to collect data, where and how the data can be collected and analysed)

We will use methods like online research, on spot interviews and on spot surveys.
We will consult specialist like counsellors or cyber-bullying specialist to aid us in this resear

3. Research Schedule


W4: Research Plan and Literature Review

W5: Draft of oral interview and surveys

W6: Blogs updated and finalising of interview and survey questions

W7: Research survey set up and ready to be sent out to everyone to have the survey be conducted

W8: Collate our survey responses and interview relevant subject specialist.

W9: Analysing all our responses and data retrieved over the past 2 weeks

W10: Discussion and conclusion


W1: Finalise on our justification report.

W2: Submission of our justification report.

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